Does working in business with your marriage or life partner often appear to be a gamble? Louise Woodbury probes this question while on site in the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas.

Louise Woodbury, along with her husband William de Ora, are authors of the book, “The Invisible Partnership: How to Work With Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced”. They unpack secrets that will revolutionize your journey as a couple, avoiding the fallacy that your marriage is a gamble, especially when it comes to running a business together. Even more so, these principles will protect you and your spouse from forming unhealthy expectations of one other that ultimately result in a “loss” of intimacy and purpose, just as many people experience a loss of money while gambling in Las Vegas.

William and Louise bring authenticity, declaring how they narrowly escaped divorce early in their marriage. The couple’s applied lessons have resulted in a healthy marriage and thriving business, harbored from 17 years of matrimony and common professional pursuits. Begin with these five free video tips, designed to whet your appetite for an unforgettable journey of relational and business success as a couple.