Ken Done speaks to Louise Woodbury and William de Ora, authors of The Invisible Partnership: How to Work with Your Spouse Without Getting Divorced, about the value of walking through failure as fertile soil for future success. Done is an accomplished painter who has seen ‘bigger’ days with his business. He states, however, that he and his team are wiser now, strategically focusing on a narrower demographic.

He is fortunate to be making a living at what he is passionate about, experiencing the joy of bringing images to life that foster long-term pleasure for the simple observer to the art connoisseur. Success, according to Done, happens over time; it is not usually an ‘overnight’ experience.

Louise and William can attest to this, having weathered seasons of failure in business and in their own marriage relationship. Facing the challenges head-on, disclosing honest emotions and committing to work through their near-divorce situation, set Louise and William on the road to healing. Ultimately, years later, they can not only look back without regret, but pass on the lessons to countless others who potentially face similar issues. Success, for them and for Ken Done, has been married to failure; not doing the right thing during a particular season (and working through the mistakes as a learning experience) is the fuel for renewed vision and impact.