The Invisible Partnership

Being married is a challenge. Being a business owner is difficult. If you believe the statistics, 50% of all marriages fail while 80% of all small businesses fail in their first few years.

So is it really possible for a husband and wife to successfully live, love and work together? Absolutely, categorically, yes!

In this book Louise Woodbury and William de Ora fearlessly tackle the issue of how they turned their relationship, tethering on the verge of divorce and emotional bankruptcy, into a happy, healthy life together while creating a well-oiled business that is more profitable than ever before.

The Invisible Entrepreneur

The Invisible Entrepreneur is written on the premise that when you can take three months off you can set your business up so you’d never have to work again. Louise Woodbury and William de Ora introduce deceptively simple step-by-step processes that sets you free.

Based on real-life experience and extensive research The Invisible Entrepreneur proves that having the right mindset and the right people is the key to making your business work independently and operate profitably.

A practical guide to turn even a struggling business into a money making machine.

The Invisible Branson

This book is based on one of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet, Richard Branson. You will learn how to fast track your business success by standing out from the crowd.

The Invisible Branson is about turning the spotlight on you, to help you build a high profile personal brand that will drive sales and business. This is a key weapon missing from the armory of most small-business entrepreneurs.

This proves that any businessperson can learn from Sir Richard Branson and his winning attitude in order to achieve greater personal and business success.

Skype Partnership Mentoring and Coaching Program

This is the only program to offer you private one-on-one, Skype coaching and mentoring time with Louise and William and to have access to the following:

  • A fortnightly Skype call with either Louise or William who will coach you and your partner in structuring your partnership and business so you both can thrive and succeed. Each session will last 75 minutes
  • Two signed copies of The Invisible Partnership
  • One signed copy of The Invisible Entrepreneur