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Have You Ever Had Your 'What If?' Question Become a Reality?

Last week one of our clients, Rosalyn Manipis and her husband Jowel, flew to the New York Toy Fair to check out the newest and latest toy trends ready to be unleashed into the market. Their business is an online toyshop, and if you have children or know of anyone who has children, then it's worth a visit to their website.

Rosalyn and Jowel are from the Philippines. They have three young, active and crazy kids ages two, five and seven; for those of you with children, we understand that there's nothing unique or special about this.

Rosalyn had a burning dream

However, what is unique about Rosalyn is that although she's a highly competent nurse, she knew that this was not what she really wanted to do. Deep down, Rosalyn wanted a business of her own, but she didn't have the money or the knowhow.

Thank goodness the entrepreneurial spirit defies logic! As most entrepreneurs do, in the beginning Rosalyn would work part-time as a nurse and then work on their website at night. She was clear that all toys were to be paid upfront as she was not in a position to provide credit. Her mother and sister would come and give her a hand, to look after the kids or even to wrap up toys.

Within a short period of time, Rosalyn has gone from strength to strength. A few months ago Rosalyn was at the Hong Kong Toy Fair, and as we said, she is currently in New York and is also committed to attending a trade show in Tokyo. There is no doubt that visiting all of these fairs is providing Toy Madness with the edge on the core trends in the toy industry but traveling to these destinations, at one point was just a wild idea for Rosalyn.

Rosalyn is now operating on a larger scale, getting great prices for the stock at discount rates normally reserved for establish companies. She is also getting 30 to 60 day credit which previously wasn't possible.

What was the turning point?

The turning point was Rosalyn's mindset. There was a time Rosalyn used to say, "When I have the sales and the money I can do all the traveling, and as a result be the success I have always dreamt about."

Rosalyn's turning point was that she started acting as though she had already achieved the success she always dreamt of. More to the point, Rosalyn started to believe in herself, as did the people around her. Especially the importers and the wholesalers of toys. As a result, they began to treat Rosalyn differently. Rather than seeing Rosalyn as a small timer, they gave her the prices and the terms normally only reserved for larger customers. It has snowballed from there.

We can't wait to catch up with Rosalyn and Jowel to hear about this fantastic trip to New York.

The moral of this story is that if you are not getting the success you always dreamed about, then consider doing as Rosalyn did, namely taking a good hard look at how you think.

This week listen to the language that you use. Are you stuck in the rut of saying, "When I have'fill in your blank, then I'll do something?" If so, take on the possibility of living into 'BE'and see what starts showing up in your business.

Be outrageously successful this week.

Louise Woodbury

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