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A Winning Team Starts at the Top

Every successful team needs a great leader: One who is not only able to inform and guide, but consumed with a passion to produce, which will inspire people; knowing that there is never a question about winning and excelling. The only question you hope to hear is, “How much will we win and how stunningly can we excel?”

To empower a team member to act on your directives is one of the best and most compelling ways to lead from the top. It’s not just selling an idea so that your team “gets it,” but fully and completely inspiring them, enabling your way of thinking to become their own. They become totally convinced, aligning their goals with yours, and being committed to act upon their own convictions. That’s the winning team you have always dreamed about.

It is when your people are aligned with you from their hearts, that real, long-lasting change takes place. You want them to be engaged, not because they have to, but because they want to—believing strongly in your purposes for success, resulting in their vast improvement and advancement.

To truly inspire your team, you need to be clear in your communication; but most of all, you must also be excited about the future. That is the core of leadership.

Therefore, if you’re about to conduct your first quarterly review, take time to look deeply at how you have been leading your team, paying special attention to the team’s production results. With this, you can move yourself, your business and your team from being disengaged to being engaged

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